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Geneva Center for Autism

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Welcome to Geneva Centre for Autism

Geneva Centre for Autism is an international leader in the development and delivery of clinical intervention services and training.

We offer a wide range of clinical services which are determined individually for each person with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). All of our clinical services are supported by a multi-disciplinary team of trained, experienced and empathic professionals including speech-language pathologists, behaviour analysts, therapists, early childhood educators, occupational therapists, developmental paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. In addition, our staffing team is supported by a Professional Advisory Council which is composed of world-renowned clinicians, blending their expertise with ours. Consequently, Geneva Centre for Autism is able to provide the highest quality of clinical service to our clients.

The Centre’s model of service involves a flow of knowledge to and from our clients. Through this process, the Centre ensures that professionals, families and individuals with an ASD will have current and comprehensive information about Autism Spectrum Disorders and all forms of intervention while remaining flexible, open and sensitive to their needs and wishes.

Geneva Centre for Autism was created in 1974 as a 3-1/2 week residential camp for just 20 children with autism. Named for an international conference on autism that had taken place in Switzerland in 1974, this annual summer camp was the exclusive function of the Centre for the next three years. In 1977, government funding was granted for a follow-up program that allowed staff to travel across Ontario, visiting the homes of camp participants once each month.

This work continued until 1983, when research revealed that while camp participants made great strides during the camp program and monthly visits, they were struggling without continued support throughout the year. At this point, the Centre decided to re-direct its funding to a broader range of year-round non-residential services, and the government was very supportive. In 1984, the transition began: Geneva Centre for Autism started to change from a small-scale residential camp into a full service agency and resource centre.

Today we serve over 150 times more families than a decade ago through family education and support, social skill building groups, an early intervention program, behaviour/communication analysis and intervention planning, parent, sibling and peer support groups, family resource services, adult support groups, respite and so much more.

Geneva Centre for Autism offers comprehensive education and training services which enable parents and professionals to become effective interveners and advocates for people with ASD. These training opportunities include a biennial International Symposium on Autism, a broad range of fee-for-service workshops through our Training Institute and a comprehensive parent training curriculum which is offered free of charge to families through our clinical services. Many of our training and educational services to parents are complemented by one-to-one consultation and coaching in community-based settings in order to facilitate the successful implementation of intervention strategies for the individual with an ASD.


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